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Off late, a new concept of nano-technology-based transparent liquid coating that protects you from heat and harmful rays is gaining good grounds. In this segment, Heat Cure pioneers the concept. Realty Dekho exclusively interacts with Sanjay Mendiratta, Director, HeatCure, and explore about this new concept, company’s offerings, expansion plans and other vital information.


The demand pattern for interior execution services varies across segments.


Drones will play a key role in the construction sectors in near future.


The biggest challenge that we are incurring presently is import of furniture and market visits abroad.


Adding art to homes is always a nice option as art has the power to attract eyes.


Audrey Hepburn famously quoted, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”.


The company decided to downsize its employee’s strength.


They are brought to India by Ottimo.


An underlying fact is that a majority of us don’t have a home office.


The new pieces of furniture introduce the serenity and quintessential sophistication of the Ralph Lauren Home into summer living.

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