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We Strive to Maintain a Strong Customer Relationship and Ensure Their Satisfaction

The demand pattern for interior execution services varies across segments.

12 , June , 2023

By: Nishant Sinsinwar, CEO and Founder, Projects Makers

Projects Makers is a platform that aims to transform the Indian interior execution market. As an aggregator between clients and local interior vendors, Projects Makers provides an organized and structured market that benefits both stakeholders. The platform aims to provide clients with trustworthy, affordable, and committed vendors while empowering small and medium-sized contractors with continuous work in their local area. Here, Nishant Sinsinwar, CEO and Founder, Projects Makers, summarizes about the company’s business model, value add for the customers, competitive strategy and company’s expansion plans.

The Core Business Model

Our business model revolves around creating an intermediary platform that connects clients seeking interior execution services with local vendors. We act as an aggregator, providing an organized and structured marketplace for clients and vendors. By bridging the gap between them, we enable clients to compare their interior budgets with different vendors, empowering them to make informed decisions while optimizing their budgets. This model ensures continuous work opportunities for small and medium-sized contractors, addressing their challenges in an unorganized industry.

The ’X’ Factor

We offer significant value to our customers by providing them with trustworthy, affordable, and committed vendors. Our platform allows clients to compare interior budgets, receive bids on quotations, and have control and transparency throughout the process at Projects Makers. This unique feature empowers clients to make informed choices and promotes fair compensation for skilled professionals. Additionally, we facilitate consistent work for contractors, ensuring their steady employment in the local area.

Vendor Selection Criteria

Our standard parameters for onboarding vendors include assessing their reliability, affordability, and commitment to delivering high-quality interior execution services. We carefully evaluate their track record, credentials, customer feedback, and ability to meet project timelines. Maintaining strict criteria ensures that only competent and dependable vendors are onboarded onto our platform.

Tackling the Competition 

In this competitive era, we ensure the best cost for customers by providing a transparent bidding process. Through our platform, clients can compare quotations from different vendors, allowing them to choose the option that best aligns with their budget and requirements. This approach fosters healthy competition among vendors, leading to competitive pricing and benefiting customers.

Demand Pattern

The demand pattern for interior execution services varies across segments. While we cater to a wide range of customers, including affordable, mid-luxury, and luxury segments, a significant chunk of demand often comes from the affordable and mid-luxury components. These segments typically seek reliable and affordable interior solutions, making our platform ideal for their needs. 

Strategy for Micro-Market

To tap into micro markets, we employ strategic approaches such as targeted marketing campaigns, partnerships with local businesses, and building a robust network within specific geographical areas. By understanding customers' unique needs and preferences in micro markets, we tailor our offerings and promotional activities to reach and engage with potential clients in those areas effectively.

After-Sales Strategy

We prioritize after-sales support for our customers. We ensure effective communication channels to address any concerns or issues they may have regarding the executed interior projects. Our dedicated support team can assist customers, provide guidance, and resolve post-execution queries or challenges. We strive to maintain a strong customer relationship and ensure their satisfaction.

The Way Ahead

Five years later, we envision Projects Makers as a leading player in the Indian interior execution market. Our platform will have expanded nationwide, transforming the industry by providing an organized and structured marketplace. We anticipate significant growth in our customer base and a strong reputation for empowering skilled laborers and contractors. Additionally, we aim to promote fair compensation and transparency while driving innovation and efficiency in the interior execution sector. 

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