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5 best ways to style your home during lockdown!!

Adding art to homes is always a nice option as art has the power to attract eyes.

20 , June , 2020

As we all stand strong in the fight with coronavirus, let’s not make this #STAYATHOME notion suppress our spirits of redecorating our homes. I know there is not much that can be done during the lockdown but a steps can give life to boring and outdated decors.

1. DE-CLUTTER: That might sound boring to a few, but the newness we all are looking forward too starts from this very step. Look around the room, do you see anything that is unnecessarily being placed, just for the sake of it? May be that old cradle of your son in the corner or that old study table is not required anymore. Does the chair near the back window can be removed to make way for more sunlight? Think of the furniture that you bought because you felt like buying it and not because it was required. Replacing the objects have a very soothing effect on the user and it surely helps to break the monotony.

2. ADD COLORS: There’s no denying to the fact that colours add life to things. The curtains with sharp colours can add life to the pale old walls. In fact handmade drawings on wall is trending these days. Colour coordinated furniture add more space to the area and looks soothing to the eyes as well. Everything from your bedsheets to curtains, your carpets to door mats even the colour of your kitchen cabinets can give the house the much desired look and break the monotony. Rooms can be coloured according to the users like I would prefer subtle colours with a dash of boldness and my neighbours can go for funky, bright and loud colours. People sometimes paint there old furniture and reuse it with a whole new look.

3. ART ATTACK: Adding art to homes is always a nice option as art has the power to attract eyes. Paintings, antiques and other art pieces often lay inside the almirahs covered in newspapers. This is the right time to unlock them. Placing antiques and other show pieces is an art in itself, people sometimes overdo making the space look smaller and congested. This has a very simple rule take out what feels outdated and put something new. Art should not be lying in the corner shouting out loud for attention.

4. GO GREEN: Guys you don’t need to have a big space to convert into a garden. Add few indoor plants or keep few creepers near your windows, they will spell magic. Flower plants spread natural aroma keeping bad odours away from home. Plants executes life and energy and are known to bring positive vibes. Your balcony can turn out to be a fabulous place for designing a garden. It doesn’t require much few plants and a little care can show wonders. Don’t get surprised if you see birds chirping there pretty soon. Artificial grass can be an option as it is not expensive and quite easy to maintain.
5. PERSONAL TOUCH: Most of us live in the homes build by the builder, so they tend to follow a specific lay out throughout the construction. What I mean is that nearly 1500 to 2000 families in a society lives in homes that have same structure, still every home manages to look different, right? It’s because we all have our own different style, way, outlook and persona. Our home reflects who we are. Converting homes into museums in the name of art is a big turn off. Home should look, feel and smell like a home.

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