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Indian Market holds great Potential for our Offering

Off late, a new concept of nano-technology-based transparent liquid coating that protects you from heat and harmful rays is gaining good grounds. In this segment, Heat Cure pioneers the concept. Realty Dekho exclusively interacts with Sanjay Mendiratta, Director, HeatCure, and explore about this new concept, company’s offerings, expansion plans and other vital information.

02 , September , 2023

Realty Dekho (RD): Can you enlighten our readers about the concept and the technology behind Heat Cure?

Sanjay Mendiratta (SM): Heat Cure is a Japanese nanotechnology-based glass coating, that has been introduced for the first time in Indian market to combat the challenges posed by excess heat, harmful UV rays, and high energy consumption in buildings. The primary function of this nanotechnology-based coating is to block heat gain from glass doors, windows, and facades. The process involves applying a transparent coating over glass surfaces, forming a protective shield that effectively blocks up to 85% of infrared rays and 99% of ultraviolet rays. Heat Cure coating controls solar heat gain through window glass by 4 to 10 degrees Celsius and reduces electricity consumption by 15 % to 20 % on a month-to-month basis for 12-15 years. Introducing HeatCure to the Indian market is a revolutionary step as it aligns with the nation’s commitment to becoming a carbon-neutral country with reduced energy consumption.

RD: What is the key differentiator between the conventional sun-blocking films and this recently introduced nano-technology-based transparent liquid coating for glasses?

SM: What sets Heat Cure apart from conventional sun-blocking films is its innovative use of Japanese nanotechnology in a liquid form, not being plastic it’s a green product which makes it the only company in India using this advanced technology. Also, window films come in rolls of 3-4 feet which makes it difficult to apply without joints on large glasses also we work with a warranty of 10 years on appearance (no bubbles, cracks or tears) and performance. Heat Cure holds an exclusive patent for using this nanotechnology in India. Heat Cure is the only green building-certified solution to a non-compliant glass facade, which acts as a road-block for a structure to be Green Building certified. Heat Cure formulates a transparent & rigid barricade over the glass and blocks heat from entering your premises by 45%. The Nanotechnology-based liquid used in Heat Cure will block up to 85% of Infrared rays (responsible for the heat in Sun rays) and 99% of Ultraviolet rays to reduce the heat gain through any type of glass surface, a window, door, or facade. This nanotechnology based coating significantly helps in combating the problems generated by the harmful UV rays of the Sun. 

RD: Which all industries are you catering to and what industries are you looking forward to tapping in the near future?

SM: Heat Cure currently caters to a diverse range of B2B & B2C clients & various industries like hospitality, manufacturing & corporate and commercial buildings. The technology's effectiveness in reducing heat gain and promoting energy efficiency makes it a valuable solution for various sectors. Currently, Heat Cure aims to collaborate with glass distributors or processing units & Glass doors and windows manufacturers be it UPVC or Aluminium, we can make any Door or window heat resistant, these collaborations will benefit all users from its innovative nanotechnology glass coating. This expansion could include residential buildings, hospitality, retail, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and more. 

RD: How do you see the potential of Indian market with respect to your product/service?

SM: India's rapidly growing urban landscape creates a lot of urban heat pockets with all concrete and no greenery and increasing awareness of energy efficiency create a significant demand for sustainable solutions like Heat Cure. With its exclusive patent for Japanese nanotechnology in India, Heat Cure is well-positioned to address the challenges posed by extreme heat and promote energy-efficient building practices. As the Indian market continues to prioritize environmental sustainability, Heat Cure's products have the potential to become a vital component in creating comfortable and energy-efficient spaces. Moreover, the potential for growth in the Indian market is massive as a lot of areas in this country face the problem of severe heat for most of the year.

RD: From a business expansion perspective, do you intend to rope in channel partners?

SM: Yes, we invite all businesses dealing with glass for e.g., Glass processing units, UPVC & Aluminium doors and windows manufacturers, glass dealers and distributors to join this revolution called Heatcure. It will help us in expanding our business and apply our efforts strategically. This will help the  business in reaching greater heights within the targeted time frame.

RD: What are your plans for micro-markets?

SM: With our association with glass dealers and distributors we look forward to penetrating all macro and micro markets, while we have our presence in a lot of tier 1 cities, we are looking to presence in Tier 2&3 markets soon.

RD: Where do you see this business five years down the line?

SM: Five years from now, we envision Heat Cure as a global leader in the industry, known for its revolutionary and innovative solutions, and commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability. We anticipate significant expansion across various industries, both domestically and internationally. Our goal is to have a strong presence in residential, commercial, and public spaces, offering effective and durable heat reduction solutions.

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