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Vastu plants – Your key to health,wealth and peace

Audrey Hepburn famously quoted, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”.

27 , May , 2020

People say that Vastu as a science is around 8000 years old. Architects back then were called Sthapatis and this technical knowledge was passed from the learned generation to their heirs.  Proofs of vastushashtra can be found in Mahabharata, Ramayana, remains of Mohenjo-Daro and even Harappa. There have been proofs that human race has indeed benefited the human race. Vastu believes in treating the problems with a little reshuffling, redirecting, addition and subtracting colours and even with plants. But new archaeological inventions and innovations made the study outdated.

In this sections the Realty Dekho team brings to you a number of plants that can help attract money, love and peace at your abode.

FOR LOVE Marriages are made in heaven and to make them heavenly on earth you need harmonious and stress-free relationship. There are certain plants according to vastu that can help you mend the roughness in relationships. You can experience a stronger bond, harmony, igniting love and passion with your partner.

Flowers that can be kept in bedroom are –

1. Lavender – the plant is said to be an icon of purity. Its aura has a relaxing effect, thus its presence in your bedroom will create a stress free environment. Also the fragrance of lavender is known to promote inner peace, igniting love and passion.

2. Peace Lilly – Peace lilly is an amazingly beautiful flower that is known to incite peace, tranquillity and good luck if kept on the window. The striking beauty of dark green plants and white coloured flowers have the power to keep the law of attraction alive in your marriage!!

3. Jasmine – Now Jasmine doesn’t affect the love life directly. What the flowers are best at is filling the room with a pleasant fragrance that helps to relax the body and mind, help us getting a good night’s sleep and keeping the energy levels high. Also it is considered as a symbol of love, peace and harmony. It also initiates positives vibes.

4. Peony plant – The peony plants brings with it positivity and optimism. It symbolises feminism and is a symbol of harmony, nobility and true love. The plant helps to mend broken relationships. This plant should be placed in the southwest region of the home.

Always Remember –

•    White flowers should be kept in north corner.
•    Purple, red and pink flowers should be kept in south-east direction
•    Keep fresh flowers.
•    Don’t forget to change them regularly.
•    Keep rotating the plants like a jasmine first and then peace lilly and so on.


1. Money plant – Money plants are believed to bring prosperity, good luck and money. Money plants are excellent air purifiers. Along with this they absorb radiations and that is it is recommended to keep one in front of Wi-Fi, TV, Computers etc. According to Vastu Money Plants should be kept indoors in south east direction of living room or hall. In Vastu Southeast direction owner is Lord Ganesha and planet that rule is Venus. This is why vastu experts prefer money plant in this direction. Ganehsa removes bad luck and venus increases wealth. People should avoid keeping the plants in the Northeast directions of house and offices.

Please note – Money plants should always be placed inside and not outside in balconies or gardens to attract money.

2. Bamboo plant – Like money plants, bamboo plants also have the energy to attract money. The bamboo represents woods and the red ribbon tied on them represent fire which is believed to be a perfect combination. When placed in the southeast, bamboo will help you gain prosperity as that is the direction of money and wealth.

•    As per Vastu it is advised to buy bamboo with 3 stalks, it is good for longevity and happiness.
•    A 5 stalk bamboo plant denotes good wealth.
•    If you want prosperity and favourable conditions then find a plant with 6 stalks.
•    Lucky bamboo with 7 stalks is a sign of good health.
•    For growth and prosperity, it is advised to bring bamboo with 8 stalks.
•    A bamboo plant with 10 stalks is considered to be complete and perfect.
•    For all purpose blessings, you can buy lucky bamboo with 21 stalks.

Please note - The plant should represent all five elements such as earth, fire, metal, water, and wood. Use pebbles in the container to denote earth, tie a red colour band to denote fire, put a coin to denote metal, fill in with water and the plant itself denotes wood.

3. The Plum Blossom Plant - Plum Blossom plants are symbolic to invite harmony & wealth in the home. This plant helps to promote positive energy in the environment. The Plum tree blossoms are best placed in the North-East or Northern side of the house. If one wishes to plant it in the garden, it can be planted anywhere.


1. Tulsi - Tulsi is believed to be a goddess itself and is considered the queen of the herbs. Having a tulsi at home is like having god residing in your home. People like to place tulsi in between their verandahs and open halls, or love to keep it indoors. According to Vastu, this sacred and auspicious plant must be placed in the North, East or North-East direction. Tulsi is also known as Holy Basil helps in detoxification of our body and contributes to removing the toxins from our blood.

2. Neem Plant - According to Vastu, the neem plant should be placed in the North-West corner. It is said that if the air flowing through the neem leaves enters the master bedroom, it brings good health to the family. So place it right near an open window.

3. Aloe Vera - This plant is the best bet for attracting positive energy and a truck full of health benefits. They help in absorbing large quantities of carbon dioxide and emitting equal amounts of oxygen, thus purifying the air and giving you a fresh nontoxic environment. According to Vastu, keeping a small aloe vera plant in your home can bring you end number of health benefits when held in the north or east direction.

4. Lemon tree - Like coconut, pine, banana and lemon trees are considered to be good for health as they brighten up their surroundings. These plants ensure positive support. A lemon tree is considered to be the best among all the other trees as it cures Vastu dosha. A lemon tree gives full health benefits once it starts bearing fruits and flowers.

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