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Aadhaar demand for plan approval creates conflict

AMC has not aligned with the state government’s decision.

20 , September , 2023

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) continues to demand Aadhaar details in building plan clearance applications despite the state superintendent of stamps issued a circular on September 11, relaxing the requirement for submitting Aadhar card photocopies or Aadhaar card numbers in sales deed documentation.

As per the sources, the state revenue department relaxed the rule due to instances of Aadhaar card misuse. The department’s circular stated that property buyers or sellers could submit alternative identity documents such as a driver’s licence, vehicle licence, or election identity cards in lieu of Aadhaar cards. However, AMC has not aligned with the state government’s decision and still insists on Aadhaar cards for building plan applications. Deepak Patel, a lawyer specializing in revenue-related cases, noted that the state revenue department recently circulated this decision to all sub-registrar offices across the state. 

“However, in other government offices like the AMC, Aadhaar cards remain mandatory for various procedures, including building plan clearance, marriage and death certificate issuance, and land conversion applications. There is a need to resolve this contradiction swiftly, given the increasing financial scandals involving Aadhaar card misuse,” stated Patel.

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