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KFC India plans to launch 20 eco-friendly restaurants in 2022

The company has also installed eco-friendly materials such as local clay tiles for wall finishes.

06 , June , 2022

KFC India has introduced 'KFConscious', claiming it to be the most sustainable restaurant in the city, as the outlet aims to tap energy efficiency and use of environment-friendly materials. The company has chalked out plans to open 20 more such outlets across the country this year.

''A first for the Quick Service Restaurant industry in the country, the restaurant is located at Thiyagarayanagar (T Nagar) in Chennai,'' marking the brand's commitment to growing sustainably, a company statement stated.

''The efforts with KFConscious align with KFC's global commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 46 percent by 2030. This is in addition to a sustainability commitment of all plastic-based, consumer-facing packaging to be recoverable or reusable by 2025”, said the statement.

This launch carries forward the brand's ongoing efforts in the journey. Another KFC outlet in the Yamunanagar Expressway food court is marked by energy efficiency, the company said. The restaurant design and operations integrate with energy efficiency, usage of environment-friendly materials, and waste diversion.

By 2022, the brand targets to launch 20 more such restaurants, striving to enable consumers to enjoy their favorite KFC dishes in a much more responsible manner, the company said.

''We are passionate about feeding a future with more purpose and are committed to creating a better future for our customers, communities, and the environment. KFConscious has provided an impetus to our efforts in driving meaningful change and pioneering sustainable development in the restaurant industry.'', quoted Samir Menon, Managing Director, KFC India.

As per the company officials, the solar panels at the restaurant in Chennai would help save about 18,000 units of power every year while 100 percent of the water collected from the RO system is utilized for flushing in the washrooms. The usage of natural and LED lighting ensures energy efficiency while the energy management system in the kitchen ensures optimized use of electricity.

The company has also installed eco-friendly materials such as local clay tiles for wall finishes, it said.


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